About Us

About Us

Vinelife University is a ministry school dedicated to helping you see yourself just as God created you to be and live confidently from that identity.  

VU is focused on training and equipping you to be born of, live in, and walk with the Holy Spirit. While some ministry schools emphasize the “how-to’s” (ie. how to preach a sermon, how to lead worship), VU focuses primarily on who God made you to be – an individual of freedom, creativity, passion, and dreams.  We believe that supernatural ministry is not simply an exercise of your gifting and skill, but the outflow of Christ in you (Col. 1:27).  Your identity as a son or daughter of God can move beyond a conceptual understanding to an experiential reality that invites the whole world to encounter the love of Jesus.

VU was established as an in-depth learning environment for you to explore the Kingdom life.   This school is made unique by academic instruction from Vinelife Church leaders and national guest speakers, small class sizes, personal mentoring, “in the moment” ministry training, and local church grounding.

We’re convinced that when each of us learn to live from our unique, God-given identity, we affect change – in our lives, in our spheres of influence, and in the culture around us.  Vinelife University might be your chance to explore everything God made you for so you can invite others into everything God made them for!



Class Schedule

Classes are held on Sunday mornings, Monday evenings and Thursday evenings.  


Approaching the Heart of Prophecy.  The Heart of the Father revealed, pondered and represented.

In this class, you will discover how prophecy is a gift that is available to everyone. We will study the practical elements of hearing God, of moving in the Spirit, of knowing God’s voice, of knowing God’s nature, and of representing His heart to someone else. In this nine month class, we will journey through Graham Cooke’s book of the same title as the class. This class is a pre-requisite for other prophetic classes and for anyone who wants to become a House Church Leader.

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Transformation.  Knowing our true Identity and letting go of the false. 

This class builds on and goes further with the concepts and tools learned in the Perfect Love Healing Seminar.  It is designed for those who are looking to go deeper themselves into realizing their true nature and identity in Christ and for those who want to help others realize it.   We’ll focus on the knowledge of our hearts created anew in Christ and the tools we need to be most honoring to the Holy Spirit and one another in realizing who we are.  



Perfect Love.  Inner healing series.

This is a healing series looking at what Jesus did on the cross and how we can live from our spirits in true righteousness and holiness. We will have teaching times of reflection and group ministry throughout the series.

Reality Check.  Adopting the reality of Heaven.

This class focuses on how we perceive God so that we can know, walk with, and be led by the Spirit of God. We will explore what it means to be born again, the language of the Spirit, and who we are as children of God. We will look at the finished work of the cross and how we can know what we have already been given to live life abundantly now. This class is the starting point for all who want to be equipped and grow in their walk with the Lord.


Student Life

Silence is Golden.
Student Life
VU students will be absorbed in Biblical study and historical viewpoints on the Kingdom of God and revival. They will also be immersed in a revelatory culture where the Holy Spirit becomes our main teacher and instructor – breathing life into Scripture, and bringing His Kingdom now. Students will have hands-on learning experiences as they heal the sick, cast out demons, and boldly preach and prophesy the heart of God (Matt. 10:8). Practicing the presence of God and worship are also a daily focus.

As students continue through our courses their focus will become: understanding how has God uniquely made you, developing next steps towards your dreams and passions, and creating practical pathways towards fully realizing both.

VU is tailored to help everyone grow at the pace of each individual’s schedule and life demands.

Our Location

Schedule & Tuition

Flexible Equipping Options
All of the classes at Vinelife University are designed to help our students grown in the knowledge of who they are in Christ.  We offer classes on Sunday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings to cater to the busy schedules of working individuals.  Periodically, we also host weekend intensives and conferences. 

Schedule & Tuition
We’ve intentionally sought to bring great value to a life changing school while maintaining a high standard of excellence and creativity). Classes are available on an individual class basis. Apply now!

Silence is Golden.


Silence is Golden.

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