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Who is VU for?

VU is for anyone who seriously desires to go to the next level in discovering their identity, and growing in powerful ministry.

– Are you a second career person? As one who has “retired”, you might be looking for ways to impact the world. We know today’s age 70 is yesterday’s age 40. Go for it!

– A new career person who has been technologically or economically displaced and looking for a new start.

– You may be a high-school or new college graduate without a clear sense of direction or opportunity.

– If you have attended or even graduated from a ministry school and need further development in the “nuts and bolts” of responding to your unique call? We have room for you and will accept most credits from other schools after review and evaluation. Direction, clarity, impact, and relevance – it is all-available at VU.


Why VU?

VU Environment

The student body is diverse in age, culture, ministry experience and educational accomplishments.  From high school graduates to retirees, all come together to discover purpose and be empowered to advance the Kingdom of God.  Students are transformed through training, encounters with God’s love, the ministry of the Word,the power of the Holy Spirit, worship, outreach, missions, practical experience, and the closeness of a Kingdom community.

Smaller classes and a Culture of Honor

Smaller classes will give you the opportunity to know your fellow classmates and instructors better.  Deep, positive relationships make for a richer, fuller life, as people are able to encourage and believe in one another and their hopes and dreams.  We seek to honor each individual as they are created in the likeness and image of God. (Genesis 1:26) Believing that there is “gold” to be discovered in every person allows people to live in a spirit of freedom that can only be offered by Jesus himself.

Covering and Connections

At the VU we want to give away what we’ve been given by other leaders in the faith.  It’s a spiritual inheritance that perpetuates revival and the current move of God.  Fathers such as Graham Cooke, Jack Taylor, Ray Hughes and Bill Johnson have all poured into the leadership and staff.  Not only will some of these well-known fathers come to teach and impart at VU, but they also offer connection and covering. 

Leaders with Kingdom Experience

Instructors at VU all have a deep and passionate love for the Presence of God and the current revival.  Each has experienced the miraculous exploits of a loving God. Whether it’s healing, signs and wonders revelation or the prophetic, all will teach and impart out of their experience so the student will know the same and greater miracles of God in their own lives.