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Guest Instructors

Part of what makes VU great is the depth and variety of classes. The following guest instructors help make that possible on a regular basis throughout the school year.

Carla Daenke

Mary Jean Powers

Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard

Benny Nowell

Joe and Sarah Hargadine

Bob Young

Randy Castle

Dr. Sarah McGee

Luke Humbrecht

Dr. Zack Alme

Gwen Doherty

Carrie Bowan

Piper Koeppen

Guest Speakers

Each year is different, and VU is dependent on many factors in regards to speakers, but we have been blessed in the previous years to have the following guests.

Graham Cooke

James Maloney

Sean Feucht

Darrell Evans

Shawn Bolz

Jack Taylor

Jonathan Welton

Jonathan and Melissa Helser

Chad Dedmon